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  • Vinay Nair

Did Apple say Hardware, Software, Services & Cheaper?

After years of lording over the tech industry with an air of patrician condescension, Apple finally seems to have made a switch in strategy

Pricing their new offerings with a marked difference that has left industry insiders pleasantly surprised!

With the iPhone 11 launch being recently announced, fans and tech commentators around the world were left jubilant to note that the base model of the latest iPhone 11 will be offered at a price point of $699, $50 lower than the price of its last version iPhone XR was launched at.

Ever since its inception, Apple has seemingly been a Veblen brand, marketing their products as luxury items worthy of conspicuous consumption, which meant that enthralled customers were more than willing to shell out a much higher price than the market standard for Apple's cutting edge smartphones and other products.

Led by the visionary Steve Jobs, the company had successfully managed to charm buyers into believing that they absolutely had to get their hands on these products.

In its quest to position itself as the ultimate revolutionary brand in the market, Apple had also steadfastly refused to play by the rules, posing as the maverick trendsetter instead.

While Jobs' worthy legacy lives on, Apple has fallen on harder times since, with iPhone sales dropping year-on-year by 12% (as of the third quarter of 2019), and the company finding it increasingly difficult to arrest the dipping revenue growth.