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  • Akhil Angira

Implications of the National Education Policy 2020

You must be knowing how in the last few days, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging strong, the Modi-led BJP government undertook yet another and major policy change…

Yes, I am talking about the National Education Policy, 2020. 

Final Draft of National Education Policy 2020
Download PDF • 1.45MB

This move comes after 36 years (since the last change was made) in this sector. NEP 2020, follows the pathway shown by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) under their SDGs (Sustainable development goals). The 17 SDGs are integrated — that is, the action in one area will affect outcomes in others. So the structure, implementation, outcomes, and flaws of NEP 2020 are essentially significant to explore and understand its multidimensional impacts.

The Forward Vision and Structure