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  • Vinay Nair

Calvin & Hobbes revisited to a Startup Narrative

In the startup space, building great relationships is nearly as important as creating smart new products. And as many would tell you, forging a strong bond with your investor is the most important of them all!

While I may not subscribe to the entire premise of that notion,

One can't deny that investors are indeed quite instrumental to the journey of a startup founder.

In fact, I sometimes feel that their relationship mirrors the highs and lows of Calvin and Hobbes, my favourite comic strip characters...

Calvin, a little boy, voices the naiveté of a passionate founder, and

Hobbes, the tiger, plays the wise old investor, never to be found without a philosophical quip or two.

Sometimes existential, sometimes playful, the two run into frequent conflicts. At the end of it all, however, there is always a lesson to be learnt.